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The youth have always been the revolutionaries.

AI youth
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This community is for student and youth activists to exchange ideas, share successes and challenges, and ask for or give advice.

I made this community when I realized, after attending YAK, that many youth and student activists unknowingly share the same difficulties. I also realized that you learn the most about activism simply by talking to other activists and sharing ideas. Youth activists especially share exceedingly similar experiences and challenges.

Don't be afraid to post! This place is for exchanging ideas. Tell us about what you've done, what you've tried, what hasn't worked, what you need help with.

An important note: There are many communities on LJ, such as human_rights and amnestyint for which to discuss human rights issues and to spread awareness about such occurances in the world. While this community promotes and encourages involvement and awareness of human rights issues, amnesty_youth is specifically for exchanging ideas for events, organizing, and general action-related things. I'd like to request all members to stay relevent to this community's purpose, as most of us are already part of other communities that spread information and awareness about human rights issues & violations. Thanks.

And some simple rules:

1. Post on-topic. I reserve the right to delete posts that I consider too off-topic.
2. Be kind and courteous.
3. If you're going to introduce yourself, do so in your first post--meaning, include something relevent to the community in your introductory post.
4. LJ-cut any massive posts/pictures--regular LJ etiquette and all that.

I'm not all that uptight, so don't worry too much about anything--just discuss!

And also, check out lightingacandle for less Amnesty-related youth activism.

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